Routine lube, oil & filter changes are an essential part of making your vehicle's engine  last longer.  With regular oil changes (every three thousand miles) your car can last over 250,000 miles.  Make sure you read your vehicle's service manual to ensure all recommended factory services are performed.  
WINTER: We recommend that you treat a quarter of a tank of gas as if it were empty.  This prevents condensation from forming in the fuel tank and helps keeps fuel lines from freezing.
SPRING: This is a great time to think about having your car inspected for any summer travel.  Summer time is our busiest season and you may want to avoid the summer rush.  Especially, if any major work needs to be performed.
SUMMER: It's not to late to have your car inspected for summer vacations.  Extreme temperatures can cause stress on cooling systems. Close inspection of belts, hoses and fluids are advised.
FALL:  We recommend that you flush and inspect and your radiator and refill according to the antifreeze manufacturer's instructions.  Some antifreeze lasts longer than others.  
Quarterly:  Lube, oil, and filter changes, check tire pressure and inspect belts, hoses and fluid.
Yearly:  You should inspect brakes, front end and four wheel alignments. For our regular customers you can call our office to check your service records and see when the factory recommended services are due to be performed.