January 29, 1999
Dear Murray's Auto Clinic Management and Technicians,
As television documentaries and consumer reports validate automobile repair fraud is the most frequent complaint, and given the technological complexity of modern cars, such is not surprising.  As on mechanic on a TV special phrased it, "Mechanics think you are stupid."
That is why it is refreshing to find in MURRAY'S AUTO CLINIC a management philosophy that reflects superior work, fair prices, a willingness to stand behind the job and honesty.  I first met Murray 23 years ago.  I had a car which would not hold an alignment, and no one was able to fix it until Murray.  He correctly diagnosed the problem, and the car ran well.  Appreciating his competence, I gave him all my business and have been with him ever since he opened his own shop.
I respect the work that he does, and the employees who do it.  Currently I have a 1991 car with 160,000 miles on it.  Murray's Auto Clinic has kept the car running like new.  The mechanics are willing to take time to explain the problem, why it will cost what it does to fix it, and to guarantee the work.  Beyond that, they suggest preventative maintenance procedures that save me money by alerting me to potential problems before they become serious.
Most of all, though, I appreciate their philosophy of honesty.  Murray told me once, "There are two ways to make money in my business-rip people off, or treat people fairly so they will want a long-term professional relationship."  He added that he did not like to be cheated by anyone.  I have been a long term customer.  
Murray has worked on 5 of my cars since 1975, and he will continue to be my mechanic of choice as long as I live in the area.
I am pleased to recommend him.
Raymond Nighan
Silver Spring, Md.